The Mission

Your Special Plan LLC provides a family who has a child with special needs Life Coaching and Planning services.

We have various plan options that allow us to map out the baseline of where the child and family are now, create goals based on areas of growth as described by the family, and provide various strategies to achieve their specific goals. Meetings may be conducted in person, in video conferences, or through phone calls.

Office Located in Caldwell, New Jersey

Why Choose Your Special Plan?

Planning for a future is never an easy task. At Your Special Plan, I work together with parents who have a child with special needs to establish short and long term goals to provide clarity for the future they seek. Through their custom Life Plan, I help to enrich their child’s optimal lifestyle by providing coaching and guidance on pathways to take in their future. I meet with families in person, over the phone, and conduct video conferences to assess how to best achieve the goals established in their customized plan as there is not a one size fits all solution for any family. At Your Special Plan, you are not just a client, you are family. In my office, located in Caldwell, New Jersey, parents are able to come in, unwind and know that they are one step closer to creating a more organized and happier life for themself and their child.

Alyssa Apostolopoulos Founder of Your Special Plan LLC

With more than a dozen years of practical hands-on experience and knowledge focused in the Special Needs field, Alyssa wanted to have the ability to fill the large gap that exists for families to obtain the best possible quality of life future for their Special Needs child and so formed Your Special Plan LLC. Here she uses her abilities to create comprehensive life plans to help parents bridge the gap of the unknowns of their child’s future at any stage in their life.

She works collaboratively with the families to establish short, medium and long term goals that are specific to their child and the families needs as there is so much more to optimizing the life of a Special Needs child than only financial, legal or medical planning.

Alyssa is an alumni of Montclair State University graduating summa cum laude with a Masters in Special Education Teaching and a Bachelors in Family and Child Studies. She spent many years as a Multiple Disabilities teacher helping a wide spectrum of children and also has experience as an ABA therapist and a one to one special needs aide. However, she has always found most value in identifying areas of need and creating the solution to help. It started with her foundation and running of the Student Organization at Montclair State focusing on families, providing essential resources and connecting with the community and progressed with running a totally inclusive TREPS program for K-5. Moreover, it is her patient, caring attitude and easy demeanour, together with excellent organizational skills that drive her to want to help families with special needs in her role as a life coach and help them pursue the future they seek for their child through her customized Life Plan at Your Special Plan LLC. Collaboration, organization, and customization are the key criteria you will experience when choosing to work with Alyssa.